why the wild?

Who knows what’s in store for the next few years as far as wilderness protection is concerned. Hell, for that matter we don’t even know what may be in store for the next few weeks. Efforts to protect our wild […]

worth saving

I come more and more to the conclusion that wilderness, in America or anywhere else, is the only thing that is worth saving. — Edward Abbey And the longer I live, I come more and more to the conclusion that […]

sinking into oblivion

What is it about these small forgotten towns and settlements like Desert Center that tugs at my gut the way they do? Nostalgia? An age thing? Maybe… Sometimes they dredge up memories of trips made with my parents when I […]

love of place

No place has ever grabbed hold of me like the desert has — not even the canoe country of Minnesota or the great mountain wilderness of Montana. This place, as harsh and extreme as it can be, as fierce as […]

the heart of the desert

This is the desert. The sun and the wind are my teachers. The rock is my mentor. The lizard and the snake, the coyote and the raven — these are my brothers and sisters. The ironwood and palo verde are […]

slobivius americanus

That great sage, Edward Abbey, once coined a latin name that aptly applies to far too many of us —┬áslobivius americanus. Astute observer that he was, he nailed it in his own inimitable way. Public lands are a great treasure. […]

the call of the desert

As I spend more time exploring Joshua Tree and the areas around it, I really find myself tuning in to the places I connect with the most. I certainly do love the northern and western areas of the park with […]


Now that I have my camp set up and staked out to withstand (I hope) some of these desert winds, I can enjoy some hikes out into the desert itself. I hesitate though to call what I do hiking. I […]

the desert speaks

At first glance the desert isn’t very inviting. Not only does it seem uninviting, but it actually seems forbidding. You see little but sand, low scrub, cactus and other gnarly brittle tough looking plants, and dry bare wrinkled folded up […]