a new life

Okay. Elaine and I are in Missoula, Montana after a few years in the desert. Quite a change. We had thought to maybe find a piece of land to establish ourselves on and become Montana residents. We’re still going to […]


 When my great-grandfather on my dad’s side arrived at Ellis Island from Finland his name was Jussi Jääskäläinen. When he left Ellis Island it was John Johnson. Whether it was changed by the immigration people, or if it was suggested, […]

rebels needed

The art world, like any healthy society, needs it’s rebels to stay fresh and vital. It needs those who are willing to rock the boat… who question the rules… who buck the prevailing trends. It needs those who won’t settle […]

defining ourselves

The longer I live the less inclined I am to define myself, either as a human being or as a photographer.  I’m even growing increasingly impatient with the term ‘photographer’.  Human being will do. I’ve done many things and called […]