a new life

Okay. Elaine and I are in Missoula, Montana after a few years in the desert. Quite a change.

We had thought to maybe find a piece of land to establish ourselves on and become Montana residents. We’re still going to be based here in Missoula, but rather than looking for property, we decided to go with this small RV and live as full-time nomads with Montana as our home base. It’s going to be good.

We’re still in shake down mode, getting familiar with it and making sure everything is working as it should. So far so good. We don’t have any definite travel plans yet other than to explore Montana for the summer and probably spend another winter down in the desert.

I’ll probably be posting about it as we go along, maybe even with a new site, so stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “a new life

  1. Congratulations on the next chapter! K and I have considered such a thing but can’t shake that “being settled” thing. Photo-blogging from the road is a fascinating and romantic thought, I still have time but for now I’ll live vicariously via you.

    1. Thanks Joe. Being “unsettled” isn’t such an issue for us. Even though we’ve spent the past couple of years at the campground at Chiriaco, we were still basically camping. Being on the loose should be quite interesting and fulfilling. I don’t know how active I’ll be here for awhile, but once we get a road routine figured out and I figure out just what to do as far as blogging is concerned, I’ll probably do more. Like I said in the post, stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by…

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