headin’ home

I left Montana back in 2011 to come to California for a couple of years, LA specifically, to be a part of my daughter’s life while she was finishing high school, enrolling in college, and getting a good start on her life. That all came to pass and I started making plans to head back to Montana. Then I discovered the desert.

I had originally planned to spend one winter here by Joshua Tree and head home in the spring. That was three years ago. This place got a hold of me and it’s been my home base. I dearly love the desert — the heat, wind, monsoon rains, and everything it can throw at you. I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m living  wild and free, knowing I can be comfortably at home even in harsh conditions. And the conditions here can be harsh as often as not. It’s been a great and enlightening experience, and to top it off I’ve gotten to know and love a beautiful and special woman who’s going to be my mate and partner. As far as I’m concerned it just couldn’t get any better than that. But yet…

There’s this yearning to go back home. I lived in Montana for 28 years before coming to California, and it’s starting to call me back. Strongly, and we both feel that way, so as great as life has been we’ve decided to head for Montana this spring and start a new life up there and establish a home base. We’re looking forward to that. Very eagerly. I love this desert. I love it’s powerful spirit. I still feel the powerful pull it has on me. But I’m being called home to Montana. So we’re headin’ home.

4 thoughts on “headin’ home

    1. Thanks Alex. Yeah, it’s the right thing. We’re tentatively leaving in early to mid May, but possibly sooner. Would be cool to meet you before we go if you make it over to JT area in the near future (hint hint)… 🙂

    1. Coming to Missoula. I spent those 28 years there and up the Bitterroot so we’ll start there and see what transpires.

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