rebels needed

The art world, like any healthy society, needs it’s rebels to stay fresh and vital. It needs those who are willing to rock the boat… who question the rules… who buck the prevailing trends.

It needs those who won’t settle for imitation or current fashions in art. Those who are dissatisfied with the status quo. Those who reject formulas and trendy methods.

It needs those who will counter the tastemakers — the critics, the galleries, the influential collectors, the popular artists.

It needs those fire-breathing free-thinking artists who will question authority, break new ground, stand up to accepted opinion and traditional attitudes, and stand up for true freedom of creative expression.

It needs those who won’t fit in. The misfits.

Whether one’s art is popular or not isn’t the issue. What matters is that it’s honest and real. That’s the only kind of art worth making.

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