paralyzed by choices

ironwood skeleton, Colorado Desert, California

I’ll take a moment here to re-introduce this blog.  I’ve been doing blogs for about ten years now. This one, buzztail, was my first.  It’s also the one I’m coming back to, though I’ve moved it to wordpress rather than keeping it on Google’s  blogger.  I like the clean look, it’s pretty easy to post to on my phone or tablet, and if I decide to go the self-hosted route it’s easy to move it.

I’ve always felt that a blog was stronger if it focused on a particular topic or subject.  I’ve done blogs on politics.  I’ve blogged about wilderness and activism.  I’ve started, and usually abandoned, several different blogs about photography.  I’ve occasionally split those off into individual sites for different genres of photography — if someone was looking for my street/urban photography I had a site for that.  The same for desert/wilderness photography. I still think that adds a strength and cohesiveness that a single catch-all site lacks, but right now I don’t want to do it that way.  More often than not, if I have to decide which blog to work on I don’t work on any of them.  It’s like the guy with a couple of camera bodies  and a bagful of lenses. He proudly carries his equipment around, but when it comes time to actually use it he can’t decide which to use. Paralyzed by choice.  I’m going to simplify and do everything here for the time being. I’m getting tired of feeling like I have an ice skate on one foot and a roller skate on the other and can’t really move in any direction.  As I get more settled here in the desert that may change.  Or it may not.  We’ll see.

So for now I’m doing everything here on buzztail. It will be a personal journal. It will be about whatever might be on my mind at any given time. It will be about desert and wilderness and city. It may occasionally delve into politics and activism and culture.  It will be about art and photography.  If I have any of my own photographs I want to show I’ll show them, whether they be of the natural world or of city and town.

With that I’ll just say welcome to the new buzztail. I hope you find something you like.

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